A Small Way To Help Heal the World

We who study the Law of Attraction know that the only way to heal the world is to send good vibes to each other on purpose. We understand that like attracts like, that anger begets more anger, that violence begets more violence, and that hatred begets more hatred. We understand that we must, therefore, begin with ourselves, and correct our own vibes first,  if we hope to come to some resolution whenever we are experiencing a communication breakdown or impasse with one of our loved ones.

If you have recently had an altercation with your spouse, your lover, your best friend, or one of your children, choose to look at the whole thing differently. Choose to feel compassionate towards that friend, that child, that lover because anyone who has acted out in anger is always feeling lesser than, is feeling compromised in some way. Their anger is not about you. It is about the way that they are feeling inside. If you choose compassion, you will change the vibes between you from negative to positive, come to some resolution, and in the process do your own small part to heal the vibes of our world. Like someone once said—there is no reality. There is only perception. Change your perception of the situation, and choose compassion on purpose. You will get it back in spades!

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