About the Universal Law of Attraction

 “We attract into our lives whatever we habitually focus on, whether positive or negative. “

Lauren MacLauclan –– Author of  The Law of Attraction “How-To” Book

The Universal Law of Attraction is a universal law that has been around since day one, along with all of the other universal laws, like the Law of Gravity. As time passed, and man became more knowledgeable, the Universal Law of Attraction did not escape the attention of all of the great writers and philosophers. In fact, everyone from Socrates to Einstein wrote of this mysterious force, and often sung it’s virtues, but no-one knew what it was really all about for centuries.

It is only recently that modern science has proven the existence of the Universal Law of Attraction, so we can now start using it on purpose to enhance and improve our lives.

A good definition of the Law of Attraction would be thus:

“ We attract into our lives whatever we habitually focus our minds upon, whether positive or negative.” –Lauren MacLauclan

In other words, our thoughts create our reality. If we send out positive thoughts, we will attract positive people, events and circumstances into our lives, and the opposite is true.

This information can be very liberating! Knowing that we can create lives full of happiness, joy, abundance and prosperity by using the positive power of the Universal Law of Attraction deliberately is what this website is all about.

Use the tools provided herein and change your life for the better. You can and you will by learning to use the Universal Law of Attraction on purpose!


“Training You to Attract More of What You Want”

Would you like to know how to tap into the power of the Universal Law of Attraction to get what you want out of life?

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Law of Attraction How To BookHOW TO decide what you want in all areas of your life, be it career, relationships or money.
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HOW TO find your life’s purpose.
So if you are wondering “HOW TO” create a happier life, get this book. It will tell you “HOW TO” do just that using a powerful force called the Law of Attraction.


Law of Attraction Training Room Coaching

You may also want some one-on-one Law of Attraction Coaching.  As a  Universal Law of Attraction Coach, Lauren will give you all of the tips, tools, and strategies that you will need to attract a wonderful life, and you will receive her compassionate understanding and lively sense of humour as a bonus!