About Lauren: How She Discovered “How-To” Work Law of Attraction

Author, Lauren MacLauclan discovered how to work law of attraction

Lauren MacLauclan is a Universal Law of Attraction Author, Coach, and Trainer. However, she took a circuitous route to the profession of teaching others “how-to” work the Law of Attraction.

She began with an RN from the University of Alberta in Canada, nursed for awhile, then studied nutrition and promoted nutritional and natural health products while raising a family. But her study of the law of attraction never ceased, because her interest in it never ceased, and she continued to read voraciously throughout her adult life about how to work and use the Law of Attraction on purpose to improve one’s own life.

A few years later, her continuing passion for people and her desire to understand the human condition more adequately, led her to complete a BA in Psychology from the University of Victoria in British Columbia.

It was at this point that she realized she wanted to be involved in a deeper process — that she wanted to contribute to society in a more meaningful way.

Meaning, to her, meant purpose, so just what was the purpose of her life — of anyone’s life? She explored this question deeply, reading every book she could find on the subject, and she ended by designing and presenting her own seminars on the purpose-driven life. Her seminars, of course, contained a huge section on how to use and work the Law of Attraction!.

After running her seminars for some time, she decided to specialize solely in the Law of Attraction. Why? Because the Law of Attraction had been the central passion of her life and she had a very broad knowledge base to draw upon, having read so many books on the subject. She also knew that there was a lot of confusion, misunderstanding and misinformation about the Law of Attraction and how to work it, and she wanted to correct the misinformation so that others could learn how to use it effectively. And lastly, Lauren knew that she would love teaching others how to use the Law of Attraction, especially when she could combine it with helping them to find their life’s purpose, which she included, in detail, in very simple language, in her book, The Law of Attraction “How-To” Book.

She is now thrilled to be able to show others how to work the Law and how to find their life’s purpose so that they may improve and enhance their lives in all ways.

Focusing in great detail upon the principles and practices of the Universal Law of Attraction in her seminars and coaching sessions, is deeply satisfying for Lauren, and she considers this work to be the purpose of her life.

She is now here to serve you and to teach you how to work the Law of Attraction on purpose so that you may attract to your life exactly what you want, and find the keys to living a more deeply rewarding and satisfying life.