A Way to Turn Off Your Negative Chatterbox

If you want to start manifesting what you want faster, you have to learn to appreciate and love yourself. Most of us listen to that negative chatterbox on our shoulders when it comes to our opinions of ourselves, and we continually broadcast thoughts of our shortcomings and inequities to the field---the field of attraction---and get back more of the same.  This habit will not get you where you want to go.  Try turning off the chatterbox by saying--"  I love you!" to the mirror everyday.  It will feel weird at first, but keep it up! It works! … [Read more...]

The Grass is Greenest on Your Side of the Fence

Here is one of my favorite quotes: "The grass is not, in fact, always greener on the other side of the fence. No, not at all. The grass is greenest where it is fed and watered. When looking over fences carry water and tend the grass wherever you may be." This is so true, because wherever you place your attention is where the grass will grow. So where are you placing your attention? … [Read more...]

A Smart Way to Ignore the Negative

Someone once said we have to give up the hope of changing the past, and that is ever, ever so true. The Law of Attraction lives solely in the present moment. Looking back is a useless endeavor. Learning to stay in the moment is the best way to ignore your negative chatterbox and attract all that is good into your life. Enjoy the present moment. … [Read more...]

Sober Second Thought

Whenever you are experiencing a negative conversation, take yourself out of yourself and watch yourself.  You will be less likely to say or do something that could escalate the negativity. Sober second thought reduces negativity instantly. Make it a habit. … [Read more...]

Kindness For No Reason

A few weeks ago my son sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers for no reason! I called him to ask why---he said for no reason!  It made my day! That boy is so full of love it spills over into all aspects of his life. Being kind to others for no reason is a good way to keep your vibes high and spread good will. Whatever goes around, comes around. Choose kindness for no reason. … [Read more...]

Ignore the Negative

Let's face it. We will never get rid of that negative chatterbox on our shoulders, so what we have to do is learn to ignore him/her. … [Read more...]

Stay on Track

When you are noticing how things are going for you, you are actually noticing what you are vibrating and therefore attracting. You always get the essence of whatever you are thinking about, so stay on the positive feeling track! … [Read more...]

Basic Skill for Success With the Law of Attraction

The skill that you most want to develop is the habit of directing your thoughts towards what you want at all times. Once you learn to do this, you will not need to take as much physical action towards what you want because the Law of Attraction will be working overtime to help you.  All sorts of fortuitous meetings, coincidences and  magical opportunities will start occurring to guide you on your way. Keep re-directing your thoughts to the manifestation of what you want. … [Read more...]

Clarity Gets You What You Want

Your basic job is to get really, really, clear about what you want. When you are clear, and you stay focused, the people, places, and events will start showing up. Fuzzy desires produce fuzzy results. … [Read more...]

Old Friends Keep Our Vibes High

Old friends have been showing up on my doorstep for the last two weeks. I have been having so much fun! Old friends are guaranteed, absolutely guaranteed, to keep your vibes high. See them as much as you possibly can and cherish them always. … [Read more...]