Law of Attraction Success Stories & Testimonials

This is a collection of Law of Attraction success stories and testimonials from people who have attended Lauren’s seminars and instantly applied the information received to their lives with great success!

If you have a Law of Attraction success story or testimonial that you would like to share on this website, please email them to us at info@lawofattractiontrainingroom.com. We may consider publishing them in our next edition of Law of Attraction Stories, Tips and Strategies.

Law of Attraction testimonial from Janet Scotland

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“Lauren MacLauclan delivered a Law of Attraction Training for our team at Coast Realty in Campbell River on January 19th 2010.

The training was excellent, and one of the best communication and sales trainings I have attended. Lauren’s knowledge of the principles and practice of the Law of Attraction is exemplary, and her delivery is very strong. She has an engaging and genial personality and a great sense of humour.

The session was not only motivational to my agents, but it was also thoroughly enjoyable, and helped me sort out my direction in life, too. I am more than happy to recommend Lauren as a sales and communication trainer to any corporation wanting to boost sales or decrease negativity in the workplace.”  -Janet Scotland, Managing Broker
Century 21, Gold River Realty

 From an Investment Counselor:
“I have to tell you that your system worked wonders for me on 2 occasions. I am relatively introverted actually, and painfully so in certain situations, which makes this business very tough at times.
1. After your seminar, we had dinner and drinks, and I was feeling very anxious about it because I am new. In my room I decided that I would relax, enjoy myself and have fun. I went through your steps, and before I knew it, without anymore thought, the night was over and I had a great time with lots of laughs.
2. The second time was the next day.I was asked to present my investment strategy to the group. My manager had warned me that I was going to get beat up because I  bash mutual funds and half the room only does mutual funds. Again I decided that I would be confident and present with charisma and I went through your basic steps. I presented with such confidence that not only did they not challenge me, but most wanted me to manage their own money. Crazy–I know!
Just thought I would let you know that you really helped me. I honesty feel that I now have a weapon to help me combat this anxiety that I have had all of my life. Thank you!”
-C P Investment Counselor
Name withheld for professional reasons.
“Implementing the principles I learned in Lauren’s seminar has inspired me to create a whole new life for myself and I will be eternally grateful.” – M. Koernig

“Lauren’s coaching and seminar showed me how to use the Law of Attraction to find work that I love. It inspired me to re-assess my life and make new exciting changes—changes that I never would have considered if I had not attended.”M. Keyo

“An enjoyable and lighthearted approach to living the life of your dreams. Teaches you how to achieve the highest potential in all aspects of your life.” – R. Podrow

“Finally—a dynamic and useful seminar that helped me reach my goals and my dreams.” – N. Crawford

“Lauren’s Law of Attraction seminar showed me how to attract whatever I want to my life and business.  It is not only powerful, but also inspiring and uplifting.” – H. McMullen

“I was really impressed with Lauren’s delivery and upbeat tempo. And her knowledge of the Law of Attraction has reinforced principles that I have consistently used  all of my life.” – K. Cenkner